Ugh, how embarrassing.

It’ll be almost 3 months since I last had a blowjob, since I last had sex, & been kissed. I’m still Single & I’m not that easy. I’m also not jealous & obsessed. Hopefully I’ll find a good guy even though some guys can be assholes. I’ve been Single for a long time & it’s been 2 years. I feel like I’ll never have a guy wanting to date me. But you have to be happy, you have to love yourself more & who knows maybe some guy might want to be in a relationship with you or date you. I go through insecurities too. Some people can ruin someone’s self esteem, they bully you & judge you. But it takes time to get your confidence back. You can’t really change your lifestyle. We all live in a different society. We all have different families. We all have different personalites. We all have different taste in music, fashion, food, movies, tv shows, hobbies, jobs/career, education, life issues, problems, etc. I can write a lot of topics, debate about stuff, I can continue writing my own words of expression on my blog. But hey we all have our own feelings & thoughts.

The Art Institute of Chicago.

The Art Institute of Chicago.